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The application value of the green beans related introduction
Author:  Source:   Date:2014-08-13


    1、Green beans are rich in unsaturated fatty acid and soybean lecithin, keep the elasticity of blood vessels, brain and prevent the formation of fatty liver function;

    Studies have shown that green beans are rich in a variety of antioxidants, also can eliminate inflammation. Green beans can provide the body with catechin and epicatechin two kinds flavonoids antioxidants. The two substances can effectively remove free radicals in the body, prevent diseases caused by free radicals, delay aging body speed, and anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect. Green beans also contains two carotenoid: alpha carotene and beta carotene. In 2010, the United States centers for disease control and prevention, according to a 14-year track study found that alpha-carotene levels in the blood is higher, the longer the life of the individual. Beta carotene is also a kind of antioxidant, with detoxification, can reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease and cancer.

    2、In the green beans are rich in saponins, protease inhibitors, isoflavone, molybdenum, selenium and other anti-cancer properties, for prostate cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, etc. Almost all cancers have inhibition

    3、Green beans in addition to containing protein and fiber, it also is the human body to absorb vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K, and vitamin B to one of the sources of food. Green beans can also provide a small amount of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc and thiamine and riboflavin.

Green beans

Green beans

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